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產品編號: 西班牙Nimbus CPT, 避雷器, 避雷針, lightning rod, 提前放電避雷針
產品名稱: 西班牙提前放電避雷針
尺  寸: 尺寸規格請參考商品說明或來電詢問。
規  格: 尺寸規格請參考商品說明或來電詢問。
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西班牙Nimbus CPT避雷器/避雷針

◎ 依照法國標準NFC 17-100

◎ 符合法國國家標準NFC 17-102

    西班牙國家標準UNE 21-186

◎ 為ESE放電式避雷針 

◎ SUS 316材質,耐酸鹼及鹽害,適合台灣海島型氣候使用。 

◎ 耐電流200KA

◎ 耐電壓950KV 


本產品有四種規格以對應四種不同保護半徑,CPT-L, CPT-1, CPT-2,CPT-3。


Nimbus CPT lightning rod - ESE technology

Active protection. CPT NIMBUS lightning rods with ESE (Early Streamer Emission) technology are designed and manufactured according to state-of-the art technology in AISI 316 stainless steel. The impact of the lightning strike takes places at a point above the tip of the rod thanks to the ESE technology. This means a larger radius of protection and it enhances the cost efficiency of the lightning protection system (LPS) as compared to passive systems.

Selection of nimbus model

It is necessary to know the protection radius (Rp) and the protection level (NP) in order to do the selection of

an external protection accordingly..



The protection level is a parameter to be determined according to the established standard. We use UNE

21186-96 based on NF C 17-102 standard. These standards establish three protection levels.

The protection level depends on:

· Lightning strikes density in the area.

· Situation of the structure to be protected (urban or rural zone, high buildings near the installation, …)

· Type of structure.

· Buildings location.

· Cost valuation of period of the installation due to damages because of the lightning strikes.

Sometimes this last item is the cause of selecting a protection level I (Maximum security), as the losses

because of non-operation the installation could be important.



For the correct selection of (ESE)rod in the external protection of a structure or building it is very important to know another parameter: the protection radius (Rp).

The protection radius is the distance between the point where you want to place the (ESE) rod and the further point from the structure or building we want to protect.

NP: Protection Level
Rp: Protection Radius
H: Height of the top of the Nimbus
on the surface to be protected.
Example of selection of nimbus model
Once we have the preliminary parameters (NO and Rp), we could select the most suitable ESE. For having a correct protection, the top of the ESE has to be 2 m minimum above any other point of the structure.
Example situation: NP: I, Rp: 50 m.
The ESE selection is done since its features board, by determining model and which height it should
be situated.
1- Selection in protection level I, the Rp equal or immediately upper rating(58 m).
2- The vertical index indicates the model to be installed (nimbus CPT-2).
3- The horizontal index indicates the minimum height (h) of (nimbus in this case, minimum 5 m).

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